Kappa Alpha Order History

Kappa Alpha Order began in Virginia in the wake of the Civil War and traces its beginning to 1865.  Four men at Washington College bound their friendship in a “mutual pledge of faith and loyalty.”

These KA founders created an organization rooted in the highest ideals of the time:  honor, chivalry, and gentility are the timeless core of Kappa Alpha.

KA translates these timeless philosophies into the mainstream of American universities. These gentlemanly traits are the hallmark of men who have chosen our unique lifestyle.

The Philosophy of the Order

The acquisition of knowledge and the development of character are the great goals of life

Through fellowship and brotherhood, KA teaches young men to be leaders; to be brave and self-reliant, to continually strive to better themselves.

Fraternity Participation Significantly Impacts Your Life, in College and Beyond

You can greatly enhance the rewards of college life through a fraternity experience. Transitioning to college life, students often search for a group – somewhere they feel comfortable working with others to achieve common goals.

Being a fraternity man also means focusing on leadership, scholarship, community service, and friendship. Fraternity members gain a more well-rounded college experience, and the ability to maximize their potential.

The benefits of fraternal membership do not stop when you graduate.  KA chapters are supported by Alumni who can ease the transition to post-graduate life.  Our alums build networks during their professional careers – contacts you will want to know.

Fraternity membership does not guarantee a job following graduation, it does provide great resources that you would not have otherwise had.

Kappa Alpha Order Reach

Kappa Alpha Order currently has 120 active chapters in 25 states, from Seattle to Ft Myers.

You can look forward to a lifetime of associations, not only with your Beta Alpha brothers at Missouri University of Science and Technology, but with KAs from all over the nation.

Alumni have established chapters in 49 North American cities, supported by staff from Kappa Alpha Order headquarters in Lexington, VA.

The Moral Compass for the Modern Gentleman

You come to college with your values intact; you've learned from family and friends what's right and wrong.

While in college, KA helps you keep your compass straight, developing your values and experiences, and pointing you in a great direction for your future.  Based on our history and your experience, your journey in life becomes clearer.

History of Beta Alpha Chapter

The Beta Alpha Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order was founded on April 27, 1903, making it the second oldest fraternity on campus.

The university was then known as the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy. Now in its second century on campus of Missouri University of Science and Technology, KA has called several places home, mostly converted homes and boarding houses, as has been the case for many fraternities.

In 1959, years of organization and fund-raising climaxed in the opening of a new KA house custom-made for our use.  We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to a group of alumni who made that home possible for the generations of brothers who followed them.

Today's alumni, having benefited from the use of the home at 1 Fraternity Drive, are also responsible for its maintenance and for compliance with all university, city, state and federal regulations.

In 2014, plans are being fulfilled for the total renovation of the KA house.  Although the house will still house 54 men, the new plan adds space and converts additional area to educational purposes.  Many future generations will enjoy the newer technologies incorporated for their use.

We are still “Miners” – although many alums have known the university by as many as four different names.  And we are still KA's – continuing the traditions, and providing for a great future for our brothers at Missouri S&T.