Clyde B. Anderson, CEO of Books-A-Million

Clayton D. Baird, Chairman, Mrs. Baird’s Bakeries

John H. Bryan, Jr, Chairman and CEO, Callaway Golf

David M. Chamberlin,  CEO, Shaklee Corporation

Harry Cullen, Director, Cullen Bank Center

Robert Crandall, Chairman and CEO, American Airlines

Earnest W. Deavenport, President and CEO, Eastman Chemical Co.

John D. DeButts, Chairman, AT&T

William E. Dreyer, Senior Executive VP, Southwestern Bell

U. Edwin Garrison, Chairman, Thiokol

David A. Stonecipher, CEO, Jefferson-Pilot Corporation

Ted L. Weise, CEO, FedEx


ACTING – Bill Engvall, George Grizzard, Richard Moll, Randolph Scott, Anthony Perkins

MUSIC – Pat Boone, George Hamilton IV, Page McConnell

NEWS, MC – Charlie Rose


Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Jr.  Antarctic Explorer; Medal of Honor

Captain David McCampbell, Top U.S. Ace; Medal of Honor

General George C. Marshall, General of the Army, Secy of State; Secy Defense; Nobel Peace Prize

General Jack N. Merritt, Leader of NATO

General George S. Patton, General of the U.S. Army

General J.H. Binford Peay II,  Vice Chief of Staff, Army; Superitendent, VMI

General Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr. Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps

Richard Truly, Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy; Astronaut; Director of NASA

Religion  – Kappa Alpha Knight Commanders

Rt. Reverend James L. Duncan (1955-57); Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Florida

Dr. Richard T. Feller (1970-73); Canon Clerk of the Works, Washington Cathedral

W. McLeod Frampton, Jr. (1957-61); Retired Presbyterian Minister

Henry J. Mikell (1926-34); Episcopal Bishop, Atlanta; Chancellor, University of the South

Education – College or University Presidents

Dr. William R. Baldt

Goldey Beacom

Dr. Robert Bottoms,  DePaul

Dr. E. Douglas Hodo, Houston Baptist

Dr. John E. Johns,  Furman

John Knapp, Superintendent VMI

Dr. Frank A. Rose,  Transylvania; University of Alabama

Dr. Bruce A. Samson, Tampa

Dr. Billy O. Wireman, Queens College

Dr. Forest Kent Wyatt, Delta State



Carl Albert (OK), Speaker of the House

Roy Blunt, House and Senate (MO);

Caleb Boggs, Senate (DE)

Rick Boucher, House (VA)

Larry Combest, House (TX)

Bart Gordon, House (TN)

Sonny Montgomery, House (MS)

Claude Pepper, House and Senate (FL)

Floyd D. Spence, House (SC)


Hugh Clegg, Asst Director FBI

Clark M. Clifford, Chief Council to Pres Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy; Secretary of Defense

J. Edgar Hoover, Director FBI

Dean Rusk, Secretary of State


J. Caleb Boggs, Delaware

William Clements, Texas

Bill Owens, Colorado

Austin Peay,  Tennessee


PGA – Tommy Aaron, Ben Crenshaw, Al Geiberger, Don January, Jay Sigel, Dave Stockton

RACING – James C. France, Danny Sullivan

NFL – Sonny Jergensen, Joe Kapp, Ernie Nevers, Sam Wyche

MLB – Tim McCarver

OLYMPICS – Melvin Stewart