Alumni have consistently funded ~$50,000 annually in scholarships annually to members of the chapter based on academic achievement and need.

The fundamental reason for you to enter the Missouri University of Science and Technology is to obtain a degree and prepare yourself for a successful career.

It is the goal of MS&T to guide and assist you in attaining that goal. Kappa Alpha is dedicated to an environment of scholarship that helps every brother maximize his potential in his academic pursuits.

GPA Matters

The KA average GPA is consistently higher than the average of all M&ST students.

The spirit of KA's scholarship program recognizes high scholastic achievement as the key to our overall chapter excellence. Here are some of the ways we make that happen:

  • Four mandatory study hours every school night for freshmen
  • Any member struggling with grades is placed on study hours
  • Every member attends class regardless of his current GPA
  • The house has a wifi network linked to the S&T system
  • The network provides access to laser printers and copiers
  • We maintain extensive academic files to assist each brother
  • The newly renovated KA house will have even more space dedicated to research and study

This scholarship program is strongly supported by all members of the house and is a prime reason Kappa Alpha consistently maintains a GPA above the “all men’s average” and among the top of Greek organizations.