• Clyde B. Anderson, CEO of Books-A-Million
  • Clayton D. Baird, Chairman, Mrs. Baird’s Bakeries
  • John H. Bryan, Jr, Chairman and CEO, Callaway Golf
  • David M. Chamberlin, CEO, Shaklee Corporation
  • Harry Cullen, Director, Cullen Bank Center
  • Robert Crandall, Chairman and CEO, American Airlines
  • Earnest W. Deavenport, President and CEO, Eastman Chemical Co.
  • John D. DeButts, Chairman, AT&T
  • William E. Dreyer, Senior Executive VP, Southwestern Bell
  • U. Edwin Garrison, Chairman, Thiokol
  • David A. Stonecipher, CEO, Jefferson-Pilot Corporation
  • Ted L. Weise, CEO, FedEx

Education – College or University Presidents

  • Dr. William R. Baldt
  • Goldey Beacom
  • Dr. Robert Bottoms, DePaul
  • Dr. E. Douglas Hodo, Houston Baptist
  • Dr. John E. Johns, Furman
  • John Knapp, Superintendent VMI
  • Dr. Frank A. Rose, Transylvania; University of Alabama
  • Dr. Bruce A. Samson, Tampa
  • Dr. Billy O. Wireman, Queens College
  • Dr. Forest Kent Wyatt, Delta State


  • ACTING – Bill Engvall, George Grizzard, Richard Moll, Randolph Scott, Anthony Perkins
  • MUSIC – Pat Boone, George Hamilton IV, Page McConnell
  • NEWS, MC – Charlie Rose



  • Carl Albert (OK), Speaker of the House
  • Roy Blunt, House and Senate (MO);
  • Caleb Boggs, Senate (DE)
  • Rick Boucher, House (VA)
  • Larry Combest, House (TX)
  • Bart Gordon, House (TN)
  • Sonny Montgomery, House (MS)
  • Claude Pepper, House and Senate (FL)
  • Floyd D. Spence, House (SC)


  • Hugh Clegg, Asst Director FBI
  • Clark M. Clifford, Chief Council to Pres Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy; Secretary of Defense
  • J. Edgar Hoover, Director FBI
  • Dean Rusk, Secretary of State


  • J. Caleb Boggs, Delaware
  • William Clements, Texas
  • Bill Owens, Colorado
  • Austin Peay, Tennessee


  • Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Jr. Antarctic Explorer; Medal of Honor
  • Captain David McCampbell, Top U.S. Ace; Medal of Honor
  • General George C. Marshall, General of the Army, Secy of State; Secy Defense; Nobel Peace Prize
  • General Jack N. Merritt, Leader of NATO
  • General George S. Patton, General of the U.S. Army
  • General J.H. Binford Peay II, Vice Chief of Staff, Army; Superitendent, VMI
  • General Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr. Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Richard Truly, Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy; Astronaut; Director of NASA


  • PGA – Tommy Aaron, Ben Crenshaw, Al Geiberger, Don January, Jay Sigel, Dave Stockton
  • RACING – James C. France, Danny Sullivan
  • NFL – Sonny Jergensen, Joe Kapp, Ernie Nevers, Sam Wyche
  • MLB – Tim McCarver
  • OLYMPICS – Melvin Stewart


  • Rt. Reverend James L. Duncan (1955-57); Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Florida
  • Dr. Richard T. Feller (1970-73); Canon Clerk of the Works, Washington Cathedral
  • W. McLeod Frampton, Jr. (1957-61); Retired Presbyterian Minister
  • Henry J. Mikell (1926-34); Episcopal Bishop, Atlanta; Chancellor, University of the South
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