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George C. Marshall Award of Chapter Excellence -

The George C. Marshall Award is given to the top 0-3 KA chapters nationally each year. Of the 45+ Marshalls awarded, our chapter holds 11 (as of 2019). This gives us the distinct honor of being the most awarded KA chapter in the nation, a legacy we are proud to continue!

Samuel Zenas Ammen Award for Chapter Excellence -

Similarly to the Marshall Award, the Samuel Zenas Ammen Award is awarded to the top 10% of KA chapters in the nation annually. As of 2019 our chapter is proud to have received this award every year it has been awarded, barring only two years.

To win the Ammen award you must also win the majority of awards in the following categories: Chapter finances, New Member Education, Academic Excellence, Community Service, Philanthropy, Excellence in Communication, and others.

To win the Marshall award you must win all of the awards in those categories.

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