Thanks to our size, we are both a big house, and a small house. Being a big house means no matter what class you are in, or what problems you are dealing with, there is someone in KA who is able to help you. Being a small house takes that a step further, it means that we are close knit, and there isn’t a person in the house who doesn’t care about you and want to see you succeed. We’re a family, not just an organization.


We pride ourselves in our academic success. As an organization, we have implemented a thorough academic competition which not only helps us to keep track of how we’re all doing, but also provides an extra incentive to do well!

Character Development

Fostering a strong work ethic and leadership abilities, joining KA has a profound impact on making a good person into a great person.

Social Atmosphere

School is hard, and having a social life in a small town can be tough. Being a part of KA allows you to take part in socials with fraternities, sororities, and other organizations.

Leadership and Networking Opportunities

Joining KA opens a whole new world of opportunities, through our 10+ committees, our 13 officers, and our High-Performance Teams, we have over 30 leadership positions available at any given time, and they are made up of an array of freshmen all the way through seniors. Additionally, our alumni base is wide and committed. Our alumni work at companies like Boeing, Google, Microsoft, Exxon, Cerner, Kohler, Ruger, and more! Through our homecoming celebration many of these men return to our chapter, providing outstanding networking opportunities for young professionals.

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