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Kappa Alpha Order recognizes that academic success is a key to long term success for both new and active members. Being a top achiever on campus, Kappa Alpha Order has derived habits and a strong academic program that helps members succeed inside and outside the classroom. Formulating strong study habits and establishing clear expectations has helped Kappa Alpha Order continue to see members exceed expectations and open many doors for their future. From resume building to on campus involvement, our strong academics have proven to be a foundation for members to succeed in other ways.

The academic program that Kappa Alpha Order has to offer is one that requires members to be focused, dedicated, and persevering. At a school notorious for difficult STEM courses and a rigorous course load, we understand that success is something that might not come instantaneously. Kappa Alpha Order offers a strong support system and brothers dedicated to seeing their peers succeed. Through mandated study hours, group review sessions, a rewarding academic competition, and much more, Kappa Alpha Order understands that success is fostered through hard work, discipline, and a drive to be the very best.

With that hard work we have received the top GPA on campus for the last 6 semesters in a row as of Spring 2023. If you'd like see how our grades compare among other organizations on campus, please click here.


Missouri S&T

Contact Us - Chapter

Beta Alpha of Kappa Alpha
1 Fraternity Drive Rolla, Missouri 65401


Trey Brown: (573) 578-5281

Alumnus Advisor

Jim Hennessey: (314) 378-8483

Contact Us - National

Kappa Alpha Order at Mulberry Hill
115 Liberty Hall Road Lexington, Virginia 24450
Phone: (540) 463-1865
Fax: (540) 463-2140

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